Testimonials for "Be Nice (Or Else!)"

"BE NICE (OR ELSE!) by Winn Claybaugh is one of the most accurate books of today. Being nice—in my personal and business life—has helped me, and I know this book will definitely benefit anyone who reads it. Exceptionally well done, Winn!"
— John Paul DeJoria
Co-founder and CEO of Paul Mitchell salon hair care products

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a brilliant approach to this topic: multilayered and excellent take-home value. As a consumer of this topic, I learned a lot. I think this book is so right on target—and I’m not just being nice!"
— Leeza Gibbons
TV and Radio Personality
Founder of the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation

"Every page of Winn's book offers value to the reader. I particularly enjoyed chapters eight and nine because, to me at least (though Winn may have no direct knowledge of this fact), they captured the intended 'ways of life' of our Southwest Airlines Family and, by extensions, of our LUV airline."
— Colleen Barrett
President Emeritus,
Southwest Airlines Co.

"One has to admire Winn Claybaugh. He seems to spend his life uplifting our craft and everyone else’s as well. He’s so positive in his rationale of life that just by reading his book you want to be nice. Of course in the craft of hair, we have an advantage. Our sole purpose is to make another human being look and feel elated about themselves, as they perceive the sense of change—what could be nicer than that?"
— Vidal Sassoon

"Winn has written a brilliant book. BE NICE (OR ELSE!) is your fate as a business, whether you'd like it to be or not. It's the way the world works. Winn's book is all about what made Outback Steakhouse the success it is today: treating people with respect and always putting people first. We have yet to receive a letter at our home office telling us what great executives we have. They all (and we get a lot of them) speak of what great people we have in our restaurants. Great people demand to be treated well and will grow your business if you are simply nice to them in every situation. 'Nice' does not mean you're weak or a pushover; on the contrary, a big part of it is your strength to show kindness whenever you can. It is being honest when dealing with your people, no matter how difficult it is to do so. Winn is right on the mark here!"
— Ben Novello
President, Outback Steakhouse

"Full of accessible and down-to-earth advice, BE NICE (OR ELSE!) could well be the instruction manual for the growing kindness movement."
— Catherine Ryan Hyde
Author of Pay It Forward, Electric God, and Walter’s Purple Heart
President of the Pay It Forward Foundation

"Be Nice (Or Else!) brought a smile to my face and more happiness to my day. I highly recommend it!"
— Marianne Williamson
Author, A Return to Love and The Gift of Change

"I’m certainly someone who believes in the importance of being nice. Winn’s book Be Nice (Or Else!) brilliantly addresses both personal and work issues, with a special sensitivity toward women’s concerns. I highly recommend it to anyone who’d like to make this world a little nicer."
— Marie Osmond

"BE NICE (OR ELSE!) is the perfect road map to creating a happy life for yourself and those around you. Kindness can inspire others, defuse anger, bring hope, heal pain, and change the world."
— David Wagner
Author of Life as a Daymaker
Founder of JUUT Salonspas

"Winn Claybaugh is a natural-born storyteller whose influence on the people around him has made a difference in their lives. Winn is a testament to his niceness and what it can do."
— Joan Harrison
Editorial Director, Canadian Hairdresser magazine

"BE NICE (OR ELSE!) is an absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in business and in life. This insightful manual—interspersed with humor, sage advice, interactive exercises, and plenty of wisdom—demystifies the art of being nice and makes it accessible to everyone. It’s chock-a-block with very nice ideas indeed, and ones that the world truly does need more of!"
— Kelley Donahue
Executive Editor, American Salon magazine

"Winn Claybaugh’s uncommonly warm, witty approach to commonsense principles of success have inspired audiences and readers for years. With BE NICE (OR ELSE!), he has created a genuinely practical handbook for finishing first in life and business. Nice ideas, nice stories, nice touch."
— Michele Musgrove
Editorial Director, Modern Salon Media

"When I first heard the title Be Nice (Or Else!), it sounded, quite frankly, like a treatise on long-dead decency in human relationships. Then I read the book. Now I give it to everyone I know. As an author and public speaker for over twenty years, I have rarely encountered such a precise, deeply felt, delightfully honest and effective approach to human interaction."
— C. W. Metcalf
Author of Lighten Up! Survival Skills for People Under Pressure

"It is a thrill to us to see some of Winn’s accomplishments recorded in print. He has always been a thoughtful and caring person, willing to share his talents and possessions with others. His ambition and work ethic were evident as a young boy."
— Jeanne and Donn Claybaugh
Winn’s mom and dad

Be Nice (Or Else!): And What's In It For You
by Winn Claybaugh


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