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If you’re committed to Being Nice and bring more personal success and enrichment into your life, you’ll want to take advantage of these powerful resources from Winn Claybaugh . . .

Be Nice (Or Else!) and What's In It For You


Also available on Kindle!
ebook price: $9.99

BE NICE (Or Else!) identifies the factors that keep people from being nice -- and how to overcome them. It also offers insight and direction on how to:

Defuse people and handle someone who is mean to you

Create and expand your circle of nice

Tell if someone else is genuinely nice -- a 3-point test

Become aware of the 13 things that can keep you from being nice

How to implement a BE NICE culture in the home, the workplace and in our community.

And hundreds of tips and advice on how to be nice to everyone, including co-workers, family members, strangers, service people, the elderly, and even people who aren't nice to you.

Be Nice (Or Else!) and What's In It For You
Winn Claybaugh Live

Everyone agrees that in a BE NICE world, everyone wins! But you cannot be nice "out there" if you're not nice "in here." In this CD, Winn Claybaugh delivers a high-energy, humorous, and passionate live presentation about the importance of being nice to yourself ("in here"), being nice to your team at work, and being nice to your community. Includes a special introduction by TV and radio personality, Leeza Gibbons.

Be Nice (Or Else!) T-Shirts!
Now Just - $12.00 each!

Make your 'Be Nice' statement shine to those around you and get engaged in life wearing any one of these exclusive shirts:

Bold white lettering just jumps off of these black, 100% cotton T's. Four sizes available in S, M, L, XL.

"Who Wants To
Play With Me?"
"I'm An Emotional Fluffer!"
I Was Nice and All I Got
Was This Lousy T-Shirt!
Be Nice or Else!

Success For The Modern Salon
Audio Program on CD - $40.00

"SUCCESS FOR THE MODERN SALON" 2-CD series by Winn Claybaugh, is a program for total success in the salon & spa business. Recorded live for ultimate inspiration and energy, this series covers topics such as: Salon/Spa Profitability; Retailing—Helping Your Client to Buy; Developing Leadership Pizzazz; Clientele Retention and more!

Who's Your Daddy
4-CD Audio Seminar

Tired of carrying the load? Ready to create a fun, healthy work environment?

In this sometimes-serious, sometimes-hilarious seminar, Winn Claybaugh teaches you powerful ideas about the new school of creating a successful business environment. Teamwork is certainly important, but every workplace needs individuals to step forward and assume responsibility for the business’s success.

In this fun and interactive class, you’ll ask yourself two questions: Who am I accountable to? and Who am I responsible for?

Connecting to My Future! $19.95

A Learning and Planning Guide for Future and New Salon Professionals
By Winn Claybaugh

Connecting to My Future is a success guide that will help you get focused and stay focused on the steps to creating the career of your dreams in the beauty industry. Whether you’ve just started school or are a working professional, Connecting to My Future is your map to successfully "playing" within the beauty business.

Packed with proven strategies and essential tips, Connecting to My Future will help you shift your thinking, sharpen your skills, connect with your potential, and take control of your success.

Connecting to My Future!
Book on CD - $99.95

Take your learning to the next level with this entertaining 8-CD series, which includes the entire book on audio. Connecting to My Future Book on CD features energetic introductions from celebrity professionals like Robert Cromeans and John Paul DeJoria. Learn from master talent from around the industry in candid interviews led by Winn Claybaugh. Connecting to My Future Book on CD is a perfect learning tool to add to your library.

MASTERS Audio Club
Now available in CD and MP3!

MP3 Audio Downloads – $9.95 per month
CDs – $12.95 per month

MASTERS is a monthly audio program featuring interviews, success secrets, and business-building presentations by the absolute best leaders in the salon and beauty industry.

Your subscription includes one CD or downloadable MP3 per month, featuring different masters, heroes, icons, legends, and mentors who all have something amazing to say. Your investment of only $12.95 per month for CDs ($9.95 per month for MP3s) is 100% GUARANTEED, and you may cancel at any time.

To order your MASTERS interview-of-the-month program, or for information on any other MASTERS motivational tools, contact:

Order by phone: 1.800.459.4007 toll free
FAX: 949.497.7163
Order online:
Order by mail: MASTERS
1278 Glenneyre, Suite 96
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

You can also order all of our products by phone or mail –

1.800.459.4007 toll free

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